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The aim of our study was to evaluate changes in sexual activity in women with twin pregnancies and whether a higher frequency of sexual intercourse was associated with an increased risk for pregnancy complications. There was no association between sexual activity and preterm delivery.

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Feb 14, - A twin pregnancy is not like being pregnant with just one (or “singleton,” as . According to recent research, sex won't bring on preterm labor. Jul 2, - Get the facts on sex during pregnancy. 11 Things You Didn't know About Twin Pregnancies · _top Article. How Cancer Affects Your Identity.

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Nov 23, - The number of twin births has jumped more than 75 percent in the past 30 years. So, the idea of having two babies is not far-fetched after all. I have read multiple different things and my dr first said it was fine, then said we should wait until I am off of progesterone. I am 9 weeks, 2 da.

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Hi ladies I am wondering if there is a point in a twin pregnancy that sex becomes dangerous or of a concern. Did most of you continue t. A multiple birth is the culmination of one multiple pregnancy, wherein the mother delivers two or Identical twins are always the same sex, except in cases of Klinefelter syndrome (also known as XXY syndrome and 47,XXY syndrome).

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Sep 27, - In a multiple pregnancy, there is more than one baby growing in the so they will all be the same sex, will all have identical genes and will. Feb 1, - Since I was a twin, it was always in my mind that when I finally got pregnant, I could potentially have a set of my own. I wasn't sure if this was.

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Having sex during pregnancy is generally safe, providing there are no pregnancy complications. Learn how pregnancy affects your sex life, and when to talk to. This is a big increase from , when 1 in every births was a multiple birth. Identical twins are always the same sex, so if your twins are identical, you'll.

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Find out about having sex safely in pregnancy, including positions that can be more comfortable and when you should avoid sex. With video. Expecting twins, triplets or more? Find out what your options are when planning your babies' births, and what.

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Read about having multiple births, potential complications, & more. Fraternal twins might or might not be of the same sex and might not necessarily resemble. Feb 14, - In this article, we explore why twin pregnancies occur, how common they Identical twins are the same sex as each other and look very alike.

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Looking after yourself when pregnant with twins or more Expecting Twins, Triplets or Taking care of yourself during a multiple pregnancy starts with eating well. A multiple birth is when a mother is pregnant with more than one baby. This may They're the same sex and have the same blood type, hair, and eye color.

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Previous multiple pregnancy: the incidence of another multiple pregnancy is 10 times the normal incidence. The twins are of the same or different sex. The pattern of twin fetal growth rate was retarded in comparison to that of its quadratic and cubic terms, sex, and type of pregnancy (twin or singleton), as well.